Scoliosis simply means a curvature of the spine-in a sideways fashion, in addition or lack of the ones we naturally have- one in our back from birth- then the second one in our neck as we begin to crawl as babies and then walk upright on two feet.  It can be very mild (under 20 degrees) as to not ever be detected, but it can also can be sever e(more than 50) enough to the point of reducing life expectancy in children- as they can result in a  disrupting the function of the heart and lungs.

There are two types- a functional curve and structural. What this means to both the therapist and client is that there are different types of treatment, with the functional one being more responsive to massage, joint mobilizations and strengthening on the clients part.

What causes scoliosis?? The Scoliosis Research Society has listed over 70, but there are 5 main ones:

1)      Idiopathic- the majority of cases. Most common in adolescent girls. Some factors are- vestibular- as in inner ear balance problems, malnutrition, growth and sex hormones.

2)      Congenital- bony abnomalities causing the bones in the spine to grow in an altered manner.

3)      Iatrogenic- caused by surgeries on the heart,lungs, or ribs. Surgery in between the ribs in children has been recorded as triggers.

4)      Nuromuscular- Cerbal Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, or other problems in the spinal cord cuch as Polio.

5)      Functional- caused by differences in the bone, or habitual postures- standing on one leg, sitting with a wallet in the pocket- the way you need to work- or OVERTRAINING! This creates imbalances inherent in the strength of the muscle.

Depending on the above, your RMT can work with you and develop a treatment plan. I myself have  worked with (and still do!) clients who have many types, from Harrington rods ( steel rods used to straighten severe  forms), to curves formed from overzealous training programs to mild congential curves with general aches and pains. Come by today for your free intake and assessment from me!

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Jennifer J Lamore, BAA, RMT

Toronto/Missisauga, Ontario