There are a number of factors that can hold one back from resolving pain in their body, but many people have not been educated to understand what could be holding them back.   With limited time, energy and money most people decide it is too hard or impossible to find a solution to their pain.  So in many cases, people will just live with their pain and except it as “the way it will always be”!
When I see patients who have lived with their pain for years I always find numerous challenges with their alignment, walking patterns and posture.  This happens because they obviously wanted to reduce their pain and compensated by moving into positions where there was no pain.    Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of experiencing a painful condition can attest to this.  But, we have to consider that after only a few days of compensating for a painful condition your nervous system remembers this poor compensated patterns of movement and recognizes it as “normal”.  This continues even well after your pain is resolved and you have resumed your everyday activities.    An example would be someone continuing to walk with a limp after a painful condition in their lower body is no longer an issue.
At Ultimate Sports Therapy our health assessment is two hours in length and includes lifestyle questions on eating, sleeping, hydration, exercise habits and recognition of physical, mental and emotional stressors.  We take pictures from a front, back and side view.  We assessment the inner and outer unit of the core, do flexibility index test to determine tissue type, test the range of motion at every joint as well as a primal pattern analysis i.e. squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend, walking, jogging, sprinting and yes in some cases when needed even a crawling movement assessment.
After the Health Assessment has been completed, we chart the information, download the pictures and make notes on what was found during the assessment and what will need further investigation and treatment.  Once this is done, we have you come back in and review what we have found through your assessment.  Educating you through this process with the help of your pictures and results to reference.  This educational visit is called a results session.  During the results session we encourage you to ask questions to gain greater insight into your condition.  We also outline a program that we feel will best resolve main concerns and underline issues that are causing dysfunction.  The program may include a personalized periodized exercise program, eating plan, treatment plan, life coaching …

If you are living with pain and want to find a solution to your pain, come in and receive a full assessment. If you book one now you will receive a results session for FREE

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Carolyn Zepf
osteopathy (current study) & Certified Sports Therapist, Keynote & Professional Speaker