Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing the various tools or techniques that Osteopaths and Craniosacral Therapists use in their treatments.  One of the advantages we have over other therapeutic disciplines is the number of treatment techniques we use.  The following list of hands on therapeutic acts is what we use every day.

1)      Muscle Energy Techniques

2)      Pumping, GOT, and Oscillatory Techniques

3)      Myofascial Release

4)      Indirect/Functional Release

5)      Osteoarticular Adjustment

6)      Visceral Techniques

7)      Craniosacral Techniques

Many of the other therapeutic disciplines use 2 or 3 of these techniques in their treatment protocols, but only we have the whole tool box.  We use a specific methodology to know what technique is to be used, and understand the deepest physiological implications of each technique, right down to the cellular level.  If you follow my blog over the next few weeks, I will introduce each technique with a full description of indications and when I would use it.  At the end of it all, you will have a much better understanding of what I do, how I see the body as a whole, as a functional unit, and what to expect when you see me for treatment.

Jason Brandow, BSc TR, CST

Osteopathy Current Study & Thesis Writer

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