Do you have Tender points in your muscles?  Time to break out the Strain Counterstrain!
Have you ever gone to a therapist for treatment for a sore point in your muscle and ended up with it becoming even more sore then before your visit?  Or maybe you have experienced receiving a massage that left you tighter or had treatment that caused more sore points to develop.These situations are not as uncommon as you might think.  A large part of treatment applied to patients is done in a stretching or direct manner  that causes tissues and structures to be pulled apart.  This type of treatment is necessary and is much needed when it comes to needing an adjustment but when it comes to tender points in muscles direct treatment can exacerbated this condition.  In most cases tender points in muscle tissue become aggravated if overstretched or massaged into tension.  Allowing tender points in muscles to unwind and settle down by placing them into a position of compete ease is sometimes the only way to settle down the muscle spindles and reboot the central nervous system so that the point is no longer tender to the touch.Strain Counterstrain is a method which was developed by Lawrence Jones in the 1960’s which placed tight tissues into a position of ease.  This concept is most effective when a tender point is maintained in a position of ease for 30-90 seconds.   This prolonged hold capitalizes on restoration of circulation, reestablishment of structure and function and removal of obstacles so the body can use its inherent ability to heal itself.    Strain counterstrain is not only being used and taught to osteopathy’s but to many manual therapy professionals.   When Strain counterstain is used as part of your treatment along with other treatment tools by a skilled therapist you have the greatest success at overcoming pain and dysfunction and getting back to your active lifestyle pain free.

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Carolyn Zepf
osteopathy (current study) & Certified Athletic Therapist, Keynote & Professional Speaker