What is back pain?

Great question!  Most people have experienced an episode of back pain or will at one point in time in their life.  So what is back pain?

There are many things that can cause us to experience pain in the back area.  Your pain can be due to a disc irritation or protrusion, an entrapped or impinged nerve, misalignments in the spine and pelvis can cause the back area to become painful, muscle imbalances and soft tissue irritation can cause back pain.  Pressure or injury to ligaments, tendons and facets joints can cause back pain.

Ultimate Sports Therapy understands that a lot of people have questions in regards to experiencing or having friends or family go through back pain.   As a clinic we wish to educate and help people understand where their pain is coming from and how they can help themselves over come back pain.  Ultimate Sports Therapy will be doing a series of back pain related articles and videos on the history of back pain, the causes of back pain,  interviewing other professionals in the medical and rehab field on their knowledge and experience on back pain, as well as we will discuss ways to overcome and remain back pain free.

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Carolyn Zepf
osteopathy (current study) & Certified Athletic Sports Therapist, Keynote & Professional Speaker