Back pain is no new affliction to the human race.  Back pain can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and even further back to cave men.  In today’s society of long days of sitting, inactivity and fast food restaurants back pain has quickly become the number one most common complaint in our society today.

There are definite similarities between why we experience pain in our backs today as well in past history. Curtain things that would have caused back pain more commonly in times of the past would have been such things as; birth defects from deformed bones due to malnutrition, sickness or trauma.   Also afflictions such as tuberculosis of the spine, rickets and leprosy. At the time people did not have cures or medication for treatment, unfortunately it would have caused the person with any of these diseases to suffer without relief and to have a shortened life span.

Also in past human history our predecessor as a society had more physical demands placed upon them for there survival. The amount of physical strength and athleticism it took to stay alive was of the utmost importance.  Even though our predecessor would have been in better peak muscular strength and flexibility they would have still experience and suffered from aches and pains that we experience in our present today.  Disc pathologies, muscle strains, compressed nerve roots, ligament sprains, arthritis and narrowing of the openings in the bone of the vertebra that the spinal core and nerve root pass.

Unfortunately through in past centuries if you had back pain you would have had to live with that pain, causing decreased quality of life and even a shorter than average life expectancy because you had to fight to survive. Today we can seek out professional help to find a solution to our pain with great success rates and relief.

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Carolyn Zepf
osteopathy (current study) & Certified Athletic Sports Therapist, Keynote & Professional Speaker