Meet the team of Ultimate Sports Therapy (from left to right):

  • Carolyn Zepf – osteopathy (current study) & Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Brandon Krieger – Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner and C.M.T.A.®
  • Jason Brandow – osteopathy (thesis writer)
  • Jennifer Lamore – Registered Massage Therapist

Our 1000 square foot facility is located at the front of a Mixed Martial Arts facility at 1110 Kamato Road in Mississauga. We cater to the active and general population with the goal of restoring and maximizing whole body healing.

Carolyn established Ultimate Sports Therapy (UST) with its focus on providing treatment for mixed martial artists. The foundation for this vision lay in the acquisition of diverse personnel who would be able to work together to provide premium care. Over time, Carolyn noted that the most common form of injury among incoming patients was back injuries. The UST team specialized to treat these injuries and as patients successfully recovered – often regaining full functionality and being able to return to their training feeling stronger then before their injury – word got out and UST no longer exclusively catered to MMA athletes.

As word and interest spread about UST, Carolyn decided that it was time to change the feel and focus of the clinic from Mixed Martial Arts rehabilitation to whole body holistic healing. This integrated approach to the body examines injuries, like back pain, in order to correct the root problem, not just its symptoms. This can be applied not only to athletes, but to anyone experiencing those aches and pains that slow us down in the enjoyment and practice of our daily lives. This holistic approach has had amazing success and the team at Ultimate Sports Therapy is honoured to work with our patients to assist them with their healing and education.